Isolation tips for mental wellbeing

When catastrophic events occur it is often hard to remember what life felt like before the storm hit. I would like to start by saying my thoughts are with each and every one of us in this challenging time and I truly hope that if this pandemic teaches us anything its that we are all the same, we are all vulnerable and we need to come together as a collective to fight this.

The pandemic we are all suffering under is calling for us to protect humanity by making some sacrifices to the way we currently live and operate. obviously as with any big change comes big responsibility and uncertainty.

I am fully aware you’re all being bombarded with update emails so I am not here to reiterate what you’ve heard a million times already in the last 7 days. I want to offer a useful resource of handy tips that will help keep your mind focused and clear.

My top tips for improving your mental wellbeing indoors

  • Move – your body for 15-30 minutes a day. This could be an at home exercise class ( many are being offered for free online currently). You could do some stretching in your garden (if you have one). Any way in which you can get up and get moving for ideally 30 minutes a day will help re-centre your body and act as a catalyst for energy. During exercise our bodies release endorphins, these interact with the receptors in our brains and will trigger positive feelings; thus helping us to remain in a calm and happy mental environment.
  • Yoga – take up a new hobby such as practising yoga to lift your mood and cleanse your environment. Yoga enables us to sit with our emotions and disperse any negative feelings physical or emotional via the intricacy of movement. It is important that we all have time in our day to do something for ourselves and our minds. Think of this time as a time out session whereby it is essential you take yourself to one side and have a word with your inner self about what’s important. Having just 15 minutes of this a day can help us re- centre our bodies and continue to act from a place of love and compassion.
  • Read – now is the perfect time to disconnect from our devices and read a book. Books are unlike anything else in the sheer fact that they can transport us to a new world and make us forget reality for the time being. This will help greatly with distracting our minds from what is on the news and media, plus you may learn something new!
  • Get creative – set aside an hour to create in a way you haven’t done for since your childhood. This could mean painting on a canvas, sketching in a book, making something, creating a poem or a story. Try and do these activities in a room filled with natural light to enable you to fully relax and enjoy the moment.
  • Cook – you may be more passionate about this one (like I am). There’s something about cooking that lights me up. I love the fact that it uses all our senses to create a delicious dish and the reward? you get to eat it after. This is a great activity to do with the kids as they love to help and learn how to cook at the same time.
  • Social media – think of different ways you can consume your social media. For example using socials doesn’t have to mean negative streams of boom bod tea and gummy hair sweets. Try downloading and listening to podcasts and audio books. These can be a great way to learn new things and gain new perspectives on topics you may never have thought about.
  • Clean and declutter – lastly its a simple one yet so effective. I like to always remind myself of the ‘clear house, clear mind’ mantra whenever I feel like I don’t want to tackle tidying something. The bottom line is once that drawer, cupboard, room etc is organised and de-cluttered, I feel an enormous weight lift off my shoulders. I actually enjoy being in my own space and my mental health greatly improves.

pro tip: If you find yourself easily distracted why not compile a to do list. I always find that having some organisation and clear goals of what I wish to achieve that day helps. Don’t worry if you do not achieve everything but rather take solace in what you did achieve and notice how this has made you feel.