5 simple steps to Veganism

Ever wondered what it would be like to nourish your body with all that nature intended?

Do you question why you follow a certain diet, or eat in a particular way? Or would you just like to try something new, something exhilarating that you know is for a cause bigger than yourself… and yet you too will reap the rewards of your new lifestyle… then read on. 

This is exactly how I felt before I embarked upon my own personal vegan journey and I am keen to share my 5 simple steps to going vegan for anyone wishing to explore this new world.

Step 1: Research 

The first step for anyone wanting to change their diet or lifestyle should be to carry out some research into what it is that is motivating this change. Without sufficient evidence into why it is you have chosen this lifestyle your’e setting yourself up for a challenge and your’e more likely to question your choices when things get tough. 

For me, my primary reason was to see the health benefits I could gain from becoming a vegan. It was for sure an added bonus that this lifestyle is more in line with my ethical beliefs and is environmentally friendly too.

Having the knowledge of my “why” has helped me keep on track and provided me with a tangible asset to which I can measure my success whether it be my change in health or my carbon footprint.

Step 2: Prepare 

As the old saying goes “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. One of the easiest things you can do to help you on your way to veganism is to prepare a list of your core shopping essentials and research their vegan equivalents. This way you’re not left mindlessly wondering the supermarket aisles looking at endless lists of ingredients and quite frankly hoping that you’re choosing the right thing. The best thing is there is probably lots of foods you already consume that are vegan by nature.

Step 3: Connect 

Social media can be a wonderful thing if used mindfully. There is a whole world out there that you never knew existed at the touch of a button. When I decided I wanted to give veganism a go, I ventured out online to find new and inspiring individuals who had the same mindset as me. What I found was a whole new realm of supportive, like minded people who just want to make the world a better place. This has hugely helped me along my way from recipe ideas, how to identify vegan products to just seeing that a vegan lifestyle is sustainable if you educate yourself properly. This leads me nicely on to my next step…

Step 4: Education

Like any other dietary change you should always educate yourself mindfully on the pros and cons of each. By doing this you stand a better chance of understanding how your body will benefit from the foods you give it but also what your body may lack by cutting certain food groups. Therefore not only can you make a truly educated decision about your own dietary intake but you can also begin to prepare any supplements you may wish to take, with the help of your doctor. If this is something you really want to do then please seek the appropriate help from professionals who can guide you in the safest way to do so for your body.

Step 5: Get Creative

Now is your chance having prepared properly to be creative and treat each meal as an exploration of new flavours and textures to which you may never have tried before. It is important that you must never put pressure on yourself, you’re only human and mistakes will happen. Embrace the journey and use any mishaps as an opportunity to educate yourself further. Aim to try 1-2 new fruits and vegetables each week and find out the different ways you can use these to adapt your non vegan favourites. Have kids? great! – print off a colour chart and use this opportunity to evaluate how many colours you and your family actually eat in a day/ week. Always aim for the widest variety of colours to ensure you get the maximum benefits from the different phytonutrients these delightful wonders of nature have to offer.

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